European Cyber Security Challenge
Oct 2021

I was selected to represent Belgium at the European Cyber Security Challange in Prague. VICE interviewed me here and another interview on

WhiteBeam whitelist bypass
May 2021

I found a vulnerability in security hardening software. You can find the report on GitHub.

Winner of Cyber Security Challenge Belgium
October 2020

Out of 248 teams, our team won the CSCBE. This competition was very important for me.

Infogroep CTF
November 2019

This was my first CTF in a team. We finished 4th, which I was impressed with for my first time.

Best programming project EhB
May 2019

During my time at college, our team was awarded the best project out of 20 teams, with me as the lead developer. This was a car rental system

XSS bug Kinepolis
March 2019

This was my first bug bounty awarded on a Kinepolis website.

Flemish programming competition
March 2017

Out of 50 teams, our team finished 3th in category 1. You can find the result on Wikipedia.


Applied Computer Sciences
Erasmus Brussels University
2018 — 2021

Graduated with great distinction, I completed this field of study while being an entrepreneur in my free time. On EHackB v7, I also gave a talk about Cyber Security with lots of live viewers.


Information Security Officer
August 2023 — Present

Improving our information security posture, Governance Risk & Compliance. Responding to SOC incidents. Second line of defense controls. Performing supply chain risk management.

Entrepreneur, Developer, Cyber Security Expert
February 2020 — Present

I provide consultancy for development and cyber security (vCISO). In addition to that, I have made my own platform which is now being rent by my former school.

SOC SOAR Engineer
NVISO Security
October 2021 — August 2023

Automating the SOC running Palo Alto XSOAR. This includes remediation, analysis, contextualization & more to make the SOC analysts' job easier. I also provide state-of-the-art DevOps CI/CD/Testing solutions for the team

NVISO Security
February 2021 — June 2021

Developing tools for Threat Intelligence, setting up system infrastructure and develop integration between OpenCTI and MISP.

Student job
June 2018 — August 2018

A student job involving a lot of responsibility. I monitored and maintained multiple machines in a 3 shift system.

Server Manager, Developer
September 2017 — May 2018

Here I managed a Linux webserver. I've also did a seamless migration from one server to another overnight. I also did minor development.

Student job
June 2017 — August 2017

At Pfizer, I managed stock and worked on the line in a 2 shift system.

Server Manager, Head of Development
February 2016 — December 2016

I worked on the website and apps like SplitCast (Windows & Android), a tool to remotely manage your PC and more.